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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do lessons cost?
A: Physie is one of the cheapest dance classes in the area at $10 a class, with term fee and discount options available. If your daughter decides she loves physie, at her third lesson the annual registration fee with BJP of $99 will be due and club fee of $40. This entitles you to learn the BJP syllabus, to compete in the optional BJP team and individual competitions, to have free spectator entry to any QLD zone competition and a downloadable copy of the syllabus music and videos.



Q: What do classes consist of?
A:  You or your daughter will learn to stretch and warm up muscles properly, learn the five syllabus dances and exercise routines, get fit, participate in games and challenges and have fun whilst making friends for life.


Q: What do you wear to class?
A: A leotard or bike pants/ tights and a fitted top – comfy but not baggy clothing so teachers are able to see and correct movements properly.


Q: How many times a week do you go to class?
A: Juniors 3-12 years can choose to attend once or twice a week. 13 years and Seniors attend twice a week and Ladies can attend two or three times a week. Classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday morning.


 Q: Do you have to compete?
A: No, the competitions are completely optional and are a personal choice, although team competitions are highly recommended as it creates a great team atmosphere within the class and enables the girls to achieve results together in a friendly competition as well as do wonders for their confidence!


Q: What sort of competitions are there?
A: Two kinds: Individual, where the girls compete individually, representing their club against girls from other clubs their age on the floor with them. As well as teams of 8 girls all from the same club against other teams their age in QLD.


Q: What do you wear for competitions?
A: A BjP Leotard and or Performance Wear– no dance shoes required.


Q: How does Physie compare to other dance styles?
A: Physie offers students one class where they can learn a range of dance styles and genres and enables students the ability to focus and perfect their technique at a finer detail as they work on the same five routines throughout the year. As dancers, Physie girls are skilled and versatile across all dance genres and apply the important skills of attention to detail, technique, discipline and work ethic to all work in the outside world.

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