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Moreton Bay Physical Culture Club Results



QLD State Final Champion Girl/Lady
  • Amber S (9 yrs) 5th Place
  • Sarah D (Beg Ladies) 3rd Place
  • Finalists: Georgie (6yrs), Adela (12yrs), Nicole (Nov Snr), Mel (24Yrs+ Snr), Kirsty (Inter Ladies), Amber A-P (U33Yrs Ladies) & Tina (O50Yrs Ladies).
QLD Maroon Zone Champion Girl
  • Georgie J (6 yrs) 3rd Place
  • Amber S (9 yrs) 2nd Place
  • Adela S (12yrs) 2nd Place
  • Finalists: Mia (5yrs), Willow (8yrs), Sadie (8yrs), Safi (9yrs),  Annabelle (10yrs), Summer (11yrs), Charlotte (13yrs), Claire R (13yrs), Maddie (13yrs) & Jessica (13yrs).
QLD Teams
  • 5/6 Years 1st Place
  • 7/8 Sat Team 3rd Place
  • 7/8 Wed Team 4th Place
  • 9/10 Sat Team 2nd Place
  • 11/12 Miss Mel's team 2nd Place
  • 15/1st Yr Senior team 3rd Place
  • Novice Lady Sat Team 3rd Place
  • Intermediate Lady Team 1st Place
Club Champion - Tina W (O50 Ladies)
The Gemma Johnson Team of the Year -
13-14 Yr Team: Gemma J, Milli F, Jess H, Charlotte G, Claire R, Maddy Y, Zarah D & Emma S.


 Junior Nationals
  • Amber S (8yrs) Semi-Finalist
  • Adela S (11yrs) Finalist
Senior Nationals
  • Nicole S (2nd Yr Snr) 5th PLACE Sect. 1
  • Willow G-C (7yrs) Competitor
  • Safi G (8yrs) Semi-Finalist
  • Amber S (8yrs) 2nd Place
  • Summer H (10yrs) Competitor
  • Claire R (12yrs) Competitor
  • Maddie Y (12yrs) Semi-Finalist
QLD Zone Champion Girl/Lady
  • Adela S (11yrs) 4th Place
  • Nicole S (2nd Yr Snr) 4th Place
  • Finalists: Lexie (5yrs), Georgie (5yrs), Willow (7yrs), Safi (8yrs), Lara (8yrs), Amber (8yrs), Annabelle (9yrs), Summer (10yrs), Charlotte (12yrs), Claire R (12yrs), Maddie (12yrs) & Nicole (Beg Ladies).
QLD Teams
  • 7/8 Amber's Team 3rd Place
  • 9/10 Summer's Team 4th Place
  • Novice Lady Grace's Team 2nd Place
  • Intermediate Ladies Team 3rd Place
Club Champion - Suzi R (Novice Ladies)


 Junior Nationals
  • Amber S (7yrs) Finalist
  • Adela S (10yrs) 5th PLACE
Senior Nationals
  • Nicole S (1st yrs) Finalist
QLD Zone Champion Girl/Lady

  • Amber S (7yrs) 3rd Place
  • Adela S (10yrs) 5th Place
  • Nicole S (1st yrs) 4th Place
  • Melissa S (Open Snr 22yrs+) 3rd Place
  • Finalists: Elsie (5yrs), Emily (5yrs), Charlotte (11yrs), Kai (14yrs), Suzi (Beg Ladies).
QLD Teams
  • 5/6 Willow's Team 1st Place
  • 5/6 Sophie's Team 3rd Place
  • 5/6 Safi's Team 4th Place
  • 7/8 Annabelle's Team 3rd Place
  • 9/10 Adela's Team 1st Place
  • 11/12 Charlotte's Team 1st Place
  • 11/12 Claire's Team 4th Place
  • Intermediate Ladies Team 4th Place
Club Champion - Amber A-P (Open Seniors)
National 5th Place
Moreton Bay Physie National Senior Finalist
Junior National Finalist


 Junior Nationals
  • Amber S (6yrs) Finalist
  • Adela S (9yrs) Semi-Finalist
Senior Nationals
  • Nicole S (15yrs) Finalist
  • Paige M-R (7yrs) Competitor
  • Adela S (9yrs) 4th Place
  • Kai N (13yrs) Semi-Finalist
QLD Zone Champion Girl/Lady

  • Amber S (6yrs) Zone 2 4th Place
  • Nicole S (15yrs) 5th Place
  • Melissa S (Open Snr 21yrs+) 3rd Place
  • Finalists: Willow (5yrs), Lara E (6yrs), Annabelle G (7yrs), Paige M-R (7yrs), Adela S (9yrs), Kai N (13yrs), Amber A (Novice Snr), Grace S (Beg Ladies), Kelly G (Beg Ladies), Julia (Nov Ladies)
QLD Teams
  • 5/6 Amber's Team 4th Place 
  • 7/8 Paige's Team 4th Place
  • 9/10 Adela's Team 2nd Place
  • Novice Ladies Team 3rd Place
Club Champion - Nicole S (15yrs)
Beginner Ladies Finalists
Junior National Finalist
Senior National Finalist


 Junior Nationals
  • Nicole S (14yrs) Finalist
  • Paige M-R (6yrs) Semi-Finalist
  • Nicole S (14yrs) 2nd Place
QLD Zone Champion Girl

  • Amber S (5yrs) Zone 2 Champion
  • Madeleine H (5yrs) Zone 1 4th Place
  • Finalists: Safi G (5yrs), Annabelle G (6yrs), Paige M-R (6yrs), Adela S (8yrs), Jessica H (9yrs), Nicole S (14yrs),  Janine T (Beginner Ladies).
QLD Junior Teams
  • 5/6 Blue Team 2nd Place Section 1


QLD Zone Champion Girl

  • Lucy S (5yrs) Zone 1 Finalist
  • Bailey H (5yrs) Zone 2 Finalist
QLD Junior Teams
  • 5/6 Team 6th Place Section 2
Junior National Finalist
Junior Zone Champion
Zone Individual Competition
Zone finalists
Junior Teams
Physie Competitions